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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. The care team of Wild+Well Recovery provide a safe and secure environment equipped with healing facilities and services that include Psychiatric medication management, Licensed individual, family and group counseling, 12 step, and a variety of other approaches and techniques that are original to Wild+Well Recovery. Some of these techniques are listed below:

What We Offer

Wild+Well Recovery is currently offering Sober Living and Intensive Outpatient services. We take all insurances and would love to discuss you joining our team after successful completion of our programs. We currently have 15+ Transitional homes for client housing at a discounted rate. We want to pull out all the stops and give our clients the best possible environment for healing and recovery.

Our Process – Approaching Recovery the Wild+Well way:

When it comes to the endless choices of recovery options for you to pick from, why choose Wild+Well?

The reason to choose Wild+Well for yourself or your loved one is simply in the way we re-define Recovery. We define recovery with a sincere belief that you have limitless gifts, and untapped potential, and you simply need the opportunity and safe space to RECOVER your Purpose and Potential.

Our Mission is to help you Recover your Passion for life, learn how to make those Passions your Life’s Purpose and to help you find Fulfillment! The difficulty with addiction is that your bad habits tap into the pleasure seeking high stimulus parts of our brain. This snares your body like a hijacked car headed right for a cliff to addiction. You drive off the cliff over and over again until you finally admit to yourself that it is not working. 

These unnatural levels of dopamine cause change to happen in your perspective and slowly you forfeit your life’s potential in exchange for ‘the seeking’. Too often the person forfeits their most precious assets of TIME & ENERGY in exchange for this “the seeking”. Addiction robs you of your development because it is stealing your TIME & ENERGY away from the things that matter most. Let us help you Recover your Purpose and Potential by teaching you how to beat addiction and Grow to your fullest Potential.